Fun Things You MUST Do With Your Kids #1

*******FREE STORE EVENT*******



Saturday, the local grocery store had a big truckload sale event.  They had face painting, a bounce house, snow cones, glitter tattoos, balloon animals, and cotton candy.  ALL FREE!!!!!  They also had a decorate-your-own-cookie table by the bakery, hot dogs, chip & sodas for a small fee (we’re talking 1$).


They repeated this event at a different location on Sunday and held one the day prior at another location.  So make sure you not only check your local paper, but also your local grocery store ads and inserts that come to your mailbox every week for fun cheap (if not free) ideas.  We even got 12 ears of corn for $3!

But most importantly Shyla, my 4 yr old, had a blast.  There was this person in a penguin suit for the free snow cones.  Shyla was of course afraid of him at first, but once she realized he was nice and fun she LOVED him.  Kept going back with smiles and giggles.


She got the “Music Lady” face painting with the color pink for the background color to match her little pink dress..  She looked adorable.  Definitely a good day for mama and kiddo. 🙂


The only complaint I had was when we were in line for the face painting.  My recommendation is DEFINITELY go early to avoid long lines and bratty kids.  There was a little girl who kept pushing shyla and trying to cut in front of her.  Then there was a family in front of us that when we got in line only had 3 adults and 3 kids.  However, somehow those 3 kids turned into 10 kids with their same 3 adults.  added and extra hour to our wait.  I mean seriously people…it’s face painting…not free scholarship handouts.

There was also this family behind us with 5 kids that ranged from 2-9.  There were two moms standing behind their carts who had, like most of us, let their kids get there balloon animals first while we waiting in the face painting line (it went faster).    They  were just chit chatting away not paying any attention to their kids at all, especially while their kids were hitting my kid in the head with their balloon swords and animals.  Finally, I got onto them, of course leaving the moms looking at me like they couldn’t believe I had the nerve to ask their kids to stop hitting my kid. 

Other kids were getting restless for having to stand in line or wait in their strollers in that long line for so long,  Of which, for those moms, I totally understood and sympathized because it wasn’t that long ago that Shyla couldn’t wait in line for longer than 10 minutes. 

Overall, this experience was fun and cheap, I really think I spent 5$ total because of the corn and I bought a soda and a hot dog.  My only advice…go early.


Hello world!

Well, hello there!  My name is Andrea and I’m just going to tell you a little bit about myself and what this blog is going to be like. 

First, about myself.  My name is Andrea, I am in my late 20’s (never ask a lady her real age…it’s just rude), and I have a BEAUTIFUL, smart, wonderful and incredibly energetic little girl named Shyla who is 4.  I come from a ginourmous family, I have 5 biological sisters, 4 step sisters and 2 step brothers, 5 brother-in-laws, 1 nephew, 3 neices, 6 Aunts, 2 step aunts, 5 uncles, 2 step uncles, and about 6 bagillion cousins.  Seriously, a really big family.  I also have a boyfriend who is absolutely amazing and supportive, kind and shows me and my daughter and our awesome dog his love the way a man does (Provides, Protects, and Professes) every single day. Honestly, Josh, we’d be lost without you. 🙂 

I am really dorky, energetic, silly, goofy, emotional, intense, and well, I’m a woman lol.  I like to do fun things and try anything new that I can.  I really enjoy cooking, being a mom, crafts, inspiratonal things, charity work, volunteerig, giving back to the community, crocheting, quilting, baseball, football, and so very very much more.

Now, that leads us to what this blog will consist of.  I’m a dork, I like that I’m a dork.  I am also ADHD…intensely.  So I need things to do that keep me interested and busy.  Hence, why have so many interests.  I literally have 4 cook books and 3 craft idea books that I’ve MADE MYSELF!  So this is what I’m going to do, I’m going to start blogging about all the fun things, recipes, inspirational dares, etc that I do.  I’ve done things like the 30 days positive dare (you are only allowed to say positive things for 30 days straight-SUPER HARD!), 75 fun things to do with your kids for the summer (SUPER FUN!), 10 things to do to keep your kids involved in the community, oh and one of my favorites, 30 all natural remedies you can use or make at home to cure common illnesses. 

If any of you like something I blog about or have done them before, or want to try them, and like or dislike them after you’ve tried them, PLEASE comment and let me know about your own opinion or experience.  I LOVE feedback.  

Also, if you have any dares or ideas that you would like to read about me trying, let me know.  If I’m able I surely will.  Let me be your dummy so to speak.  If there’s a recipe you’d like to try but have been too afraid to try it, dare me to make it and I will make it one night for my litte family and blog about it.  Want to try a fun thing with your kid but don’t know if it’ll end up being fun or a mess, dare me, I’ll try it with my kiddo and blog about my honest, goofy and dorky opinion of how it went.  I will also post  pictures as much as I can of all the things I blog about.  I promise to try and keep my spacey and random tendancis tamed enough so that you all can keep up.  But there’s no promises.

Ok, who’s ready to give this a whirl?  :- Continue reading